Thursday, 22 August 2013

Atheist Multiverse on Google Plus

So you've wondered on Google+ and you happen to be interested in the atheism? Brace yourself because the Google+ Multiverse is coming...

Atheists are probably the most diverse group out there that is somehow connected with widely understood religion. We happen to share one conclusion - that the present evidence is not sufficient to warrant a belief in a (personal/) deity. Everything other might be different - and in fact - usually is.

We come from all sorts of backgrounds, we have all sorts of different personal stories, we happen to be concerned about all sorts of various cases. Religion infiltrates all segments of life. Due to that atheism is forced to deal with all sorts of outcomes of how religion plays out in a real world.

It is therefore no surprise that Google Plus offers a multitude of different atheist communities, one of which should satisfy even the most sublime tastes.

This is an attempt to summarize and present the Google+ Atheist Sphereverse - a collection of platforms of atheistic thought exchange. Please enjoy and we hope you'll find something to suit your needs and/or desires.

There are public communities that are strictly atheistic in that they don't allow any religious proselytizing/debates, there are public communities that encourage you to engage in a debate.

There are communities devoted to funny images, music, games, etc - all looking at their respective field of interest through the lens of godlessness. There are local communities concerning one city or university, there are also global ones.

There are communities for various demographics - genderqueer atheists, teens, black atheists, ex-muslims, etc.

There are communities that are private and you need to ask them to let you in, there are some that are freely available.

There are strictly atheistic ones as well as free-thought, humanist, agnostic ones, etc.

In this Sphereverse there surely is an atheistic group that will share your interest and, conversely, there is one that will oppose your opinions and beliefs about various things. The one thing they all have in common - they lack belief in a god.

In this list we also present the one that is openly anty-atheistic. You might want to get to know arguments of the other side (as if you didn't know that already)...

Please enjoy this list and share it.
And if you happen to participate in a circle that is not present here - please drop us a note and we'll add it ASAP.


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