Thursday, 14 February 2013

Multiple Choice Book

So this God apparently used people to write the Book. However, it seems he fucked up and he fucked up badly. Multiple ancient languages aside, numerous translation, rewrites, mistakes, mistranslations and omissions aside - the Book is a pile of self-contradicting illogical and mind-confusing stuff. Whatever your likes or dislikes are - chances are you'll find something to support your position and to oppose it as well. And those chances are not that small.

A gentleman named Chris Harrison prepared a Bible cross-reference chart, which started to live by it's own. If by any chance Mr. Harrison will object to this post and what I have done here - I'll gladly obey his wishes regarding the subject. Anyway, please find what follows:

Bible Cross Reference Graph (linked from Mr. Harrison site):

Sprzeczności w biblii
Links to 109 MB PNG - 12000px x 7200px

Bible Contradictions Chart:

Sprzeczności w biblii

Bible Contradictions Chart - White and Blue version (less black ink used):

Sprzeczności w biblii
The poster above can be printed out easily on your home printer - just grab this:
Bible Contradictions Chart - a ready to print 3x2 DIN A4 Sheet poster (PosteRazor'ed), and have fun cutting it out and assembling it into one nice sheet.


Original from Adam Z.